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Kitchen assembly at customer's home

 After all elements of the design have been approved, the furniture and appliances have been chosen, it is time to assemble the dream kitchen in its place. It is one of the more considerable expenses in the home and should serve for years to come, so before you sign a sale contract it is worth acquainting yourself with its terms and conditions, esp. what kind of obligations does the seller have towards the buyer. The most important services which such assembly agreement should cover are:

  1. Delivery of furniture to the Customer's home.
  2. Unpacking the purchased furniture and appliances.
  3. Putting lower cupboards, mounting upper cupboards.
  4. Cupboard levelling and assembly, installation of all elements (drawers, bins etc.)
  5. Assembly of worktops, wall panels.
  6. Making any cuts in worktops to enable their assembly (in case it is necessary to adjust boards to shapes and protrusions of the wall or installations).
  7. Cutting out openings for a cooking top, sink, mixer tap and their putting.
  8. Installation of refrigerating appliances, an oven, a cooking top, dishwasher and extractor fan provided that this equipment is the subject of the contract.
  9. Cutting out openings in the back panels of cupboards to enable access to points of connections to utilities (water, sewerage system and electrical outlets) in accordance with the Customer's wishes.
  10. Connecting electrical appliances, which have factory-made connections with plugs, to prepared installations (dishwasher, fridge-freezer, extractor fan) and connecting hydraulic and gas appliances to the ready-to-connect installation, only if this equipment is the subject of the contract. However, connecting gas appliances does not exempt the Customer from an obligation to have the gas installation checked by an authorised person.
  11. Assembly and installation of appliances not purchased in the showroom can be provided for an additional charge.
  12. Installation of lighting, wall and toe kick panels, railings and other accessories with which the cupboards are equipped or which complete the fitted kitchen.
  13. Adjustment of fittings.
  14. Checking the assembly works.
  15. Tidying up after assembly works. All the packing cases for furniture and equipment are left with the customer as the assembly service does not include their disposal.
  16. Acceptance of the assembly works (this is when you should thoroughly check the work done by the assembly team), finished with signing "the Acceptance Report", which is tantamount to accepting the quality of service provided.

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