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RIFFLESSO cappuccino SPEZZARE autum rustic

Large areas of purist front panels made of scratch-resistant acrylic wall seem like a mirror, with a modern style complemented by a steel refrigerator, ovens, a plinth and handles aligned with the front. In order to maintain the balance, a large, functional island, encompassing the washing, preparation and cooking areas, makes the interior warmer by means of front panels finished with natural stone veneer made of crystalline schists, with a unique pattern and texture and colour variation, from graphite, through grey and rust to brown, which make the kitchen look individual. In order not to interfere with the pattern of the metamorphic rocks, the kitchen is equipped with special steel profiles for opening doors and drawers without a handle. High cargo with the width of 15 cm, using the kitchen space in a proper way, are the ideal storage solution for bottles not only with wine. The top of the table supported by steel legs not only looks like natural stone, but it also reflects the stone in the structure of its surface.

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