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 front: sill width of 88 mm, the top part of which has a wavy re-milling 108 mm wide, alder or oak plank, the rail and stile interconnected without a visible line, 3 horizontal millings in the stile, a smooth MDF panel lined with natural scaleboard, option: overprinted panel. Faces of upper and lower drawers with a width of more than 296 mm have 7 horizontal millings along the panel length; the central part of the face is smooth for the holder. The remaining faces of low drawers are completely smooth


  • cream oak DK

  • white oak DB

  • amber alder OBU

  • walnut alder OO

  • cherry alder OC

  • antique alder OA

  • white alder OBI

  • vanilla alder OW

  • cream oak DK overprinted panel

  • amber alder OBU overprinted panel

  • antique alder OA overprinted panel

  • cream oak DK 
    296 mm wide fronts

  • cream oak DK 
    over 396 mm wide fronts


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