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Control list

 The control list presented below includes elements which are important from the point of view of functional design and appropriate arrangement or your dream kitchen.

Please analyse this list and take it with you for consultations with your designer – it will make talks concerning your kitchen much easier.

If you decided to arrange everything on your own, the following list may also prove useful as it will draw attention to elements which you may not have been aware of, but which are essential in the kitchen and certainly worth considering.

Reserve zone

  1. Fridge
  2. Freezer
  3. High pantry cupboard with drawers or cargo
  4. Toe kick drawer for boxes of beverages
  5. Wine stand

Storage zone
  1. Wall-mounted cupboard for glassware (drinking glasses, etc.)
  2. Wall-mounted cupboard for coffeeware (cups, saucers)
  3. Drawer for everyday plates
  4. Drawer for "your Sunday best" plates
  5. Drawer for everyday cutlery
  6. Drawer for "your Sunday best" cutlery
  7. Drawer for bits and pieces (stationery, sewing accessories, small tools)
  8. Worktop for initial food processing
  9. Drawer for baby dishes and cutlery
  10. Toe kick drawer for pet accessories

Washing-up zone
  1. Sink cabinet drawer
  2. Drawer or cargo for detergents
  3. Hanger for drying washcloths
  4. Waste sorter
  5. Sink
  6. Mixer tap
  7. Waste grinder
  8. Anti-water mat for the bottom of a sink cabinet
  9. Dishwasher
  10. Dishwasher front

Preparation zone
  1. Drawer for utensils (carving knives, breadboards, rolling pins, etc.)
  2. Drawer for condiments (salt, pepper, vinegar, other spices)
  3. Drawer for often used food products (sugar, tea, coffee, oil, etc.)
  4. Drawer with a socket for smaller appliances (a mixer)
  5. Roller-front cupboard with a socket for a coffee machine, toaster, wireless kettle
  6. Main worktop for meal preparation (minimum 90 cm wide)
  7. Lighting of the worktop under wall-mounted cupboards

Cooking/baking zone
  1. Oven
  2. Gas or electric hob
  3. Extractor fan
  4. Microwave oven
  5. Cabinet for a built-in cooker
  6. Toe kick drawer for baking trays and racks
  7. Drawer for pan and lids

Dining zone
  1. Table
  2. Chairs
  3. Display cabinet for glassware
  4. Cabinet for tableclothes, napkins, alcohol and vases

  1. Handles
  2. Toe kick panel
  3. Wall slat
  4. Upper top slat
  5. Lower top slat
  6. Wall panels
  7. Shelves for decorations
  8. Upper jib lighting
  9. Glass-door cupboard lighting
  10. Wall rails with hangers (for washcloths, cookery book, some utensils)
  11. Glass panes

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