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Price Guide - kitchens

Kitchen cabinets Guide

the most expensive part of your kitchen are cabinets therefore we present their prices below calculated for differend kinds of fronts  and based on the L shape  kitchen layout as stated below

you also would  need worktops and appliances which we are happy to supply as well or assist and guide you in purchasing them

we pride to deliver "german quality" and bespoke cabinets at very affordable prices

we do also offer worktops (including granit) at very competitive rates




Price group







kind of fronts laminate gloss laminate,
and MDF foil matt programmes
MDF foil gloss programmes veneered and some of wooden  The other wooden frame-panel programmes, Mirabelle Canto, Topas, Adesso

Retail price including delivery*







*On the basis of a corner kitchen 3,6 x 2,7 m consist of: HL-6/01, HBS-4/T, DGS-9T, DZS-6/T, F569-4,5, DNP-9/PRO, DGSC-6/T, DSG-4/T, HPMSG-6/T, WUPC-9/S1, WUPC-6, WUPC-5/S1, WUPC-6, handles, postforming worktop, laminated toe kick




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