We are a family run business passionate about furniture and interior design. Paul – father of the family and CEO – is enjoying manufacturing furniture just as he has been for most of his adult life. Agata – mother of the family – always had a passion for interiors and as a result became an interior designer. Soon after, Arthan has opened its first workshop in late 90’s, she joined Paul in the professional life as she does in personal life. They have been successfully installing fitted furniture in Cambridge since 2009 together with their sons, distant family members as well as friends and a few employees. Any new team members are always carefully chosen to help keep the high quality standard this company operates at.

With the showroom opened 5 years later, now interested parties can see the quality of the furniture even before it is delivered and completed. From the very first day, our goal was to deliver high quality furniture and services at a very decent and competitive price. Now we can proudly call ourselves a fitted furniture specialist ‘delivering bespoke furniture without a bespoke price tag’. Come see for yourself and find out!


Arthan Furniture Team of family and friends


“The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it , but what he becomes by it”

- John Ruskin -

Arthan Academy has been operating since 2014 just after we have opened our Cambridge showroom to give specialised in job training for our employees and partners as well as all other interested parties.

Our goal is to teach and improve special qualities and abilities required in line of our work.

We do it in a form of trainings, workshops, courses and Seminars and cover a broad spectrum of subjects related to carpentry , construction and furniture trades.

Courses are sponsored by Arthan Furniture and take place in its showroom (theory part) and in the field.

One of the contractors we work with said: “This is a great idea, companies get together exchange ideas and train the workforce . I helped at one occasion with my practical knowledge and will continue supporting this initiative ”.

Our main instructors are members of our team as well as contractors we closely work with:

Academy is down for Covid - we will resume after vaccination are available - assuming summer 2021. If you are interested in any of our courses subjects or are interested in any particular subject please do get in touch .