Q: How much does your furniture cost? A: While every order is unique, one thing that stays the same across all our projects is how competitive our price is – just read some of our testimonials! The more detailed price guide is given at the bottom of this page.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: We stand by the quality of the materials and workmanship we provide and therefore guarantee all of our work.

Q: What kind of service do you offer?

A: We assist in the process of the design, supply and installation of your dream furniture.

Q: How can I get a quote?

A: best and easiest way is to come see us in our showroom where we can learn your needs and showcase some potential solutions.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: from the moment you walk in the door and request a price estimate it usually takes us a couple of days to get back to you with a quote.
Second and more time-consuming stage of the process is manufacturing, delivery and installation. It usually takes anywhere from a couple weeks for smaller pieces to a month or two to for larger projects.

Q: What materials do you use.

A: we select different materials based on your budget and the purpose of the furniture.

We mainly use Melamine Faced Chipboard or MFC – material superior to Medium Density Fibreboard MDF – as it offers more durability, resistance to water and a lot more finish options.

The other material we use most and would personally recommend is solid wood. While printing a melamine film onto chipboard can produce some really convincing stone or real wood looking results, nothing beats the look and feel of natural solid wood.

We often do combine materials like MFC interior with solid wood doors and/or with glass, painted MDF, acrylic boards, aluminium, stone, quartz etc

We are not limited to any specific combination so please feel free to ask if there is some other idea you have in mind.
Please feel free to visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particle_board for a detailed explanation what Chipboard is, http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/design/electronics/materialsrev2.shtml shows some example materials that might prove inspiring!


When it comes to custom-made furniture the options are plenty and as a result, the price can vary greatly. However, to give you an idea of just how competitive and flexible we are please see below for some examples and brief descriptions.

Sliding Wardrobes

Starting from about £2000, average project price £3000-£4000.

The major cost components here are the material and fill for the door. The frame can be made with steel or a bit more costly aluminium. Door inserts can start from a sheet of MFC with various finishes, through painted glass to mirrors. For a two door sliding wardrobe the prices including delivery and installation can start from around £2000 if the appropriate materials are selected. The average sliding wardrobe project costs between £3000 and £4000. The price can go up to around £6000-£7000 for bigger projects with wider doors and more fancy fronts and interior. Very rarely sliding wardrobe costs more than £7000 and only if packed with many optional accessories, high-end materials and complicated bespoke design.

Hinged Wardrobes & Bedrooms

Starting from about £1200 average single wardrobe price £2000-£3000.

For the hinged door wardrobe prices are similar to sliding wardrobes but in general and when basic materials are used hinged wardrobes can be less expensive. For the average bedroom installation consisting of two walls of built in wardrobes and cabinets and the space for the bed quite often with the vanity unit and chests of drawers incorporated, prices vary between £3000 and £8000. Price range begins at MFC construction and goes up to 100% solid wood as the most expensive. For a small bedroom one-wall wardrobes for either side of the bed, connected with the bridge prices start from about £3000 in MFC. Shaker style wardrobe made of 100% solid pinewood with the wooden boxed interiors, spray painted (project size:254/261/64 W/H/D) price is around £8000, the same exterior look but with laminated (MFC) interior would cost around £4500.


Average kitchen furniture installation £15000-25000 installed , starting form around £10000 for a very small project

When it comes to kitchens there is a lot of variety depending on size and function. We offer a large variety of quality materials and finishes at very competitive prices. The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us, but just to give you an idea the average starting point is at about £20000 for a mid range bespoke kitchen that we would be more than happy to use ourself for the years to come. For a small project the price can start from about £8000 for supply only. With more solid wood options and more elaborate shaker in framed details, dovetail drawers, curves as well as advanced accessories the cost of a large kitchen can go up further to around £30000. This is for cabinetry, accessories, delivery and installation. Solid worktops add between £3000-£6000 in average and Appliances at least another £3000-£6000 depending on the brand/price point.

Alcoves & Bookcases

starting from £2500 per pair of alcoves made of MFC

We specialise in made to order solid wood bookcases and built in alcove bookcases. We use only most natural materials, non toxic paints and adhesives to guarantee top quality for these products. They are made from solid pine wood lacquered or painted with a range of stylish decorative detail. The average price for a pair of alcove units made this way as pictured is £4000-5000. We do also use MFC, usually for modern simpler designs and the average price for a pair of alcoves is £2500-3000

The price can go up with more intricate detail and custom requests, but usually these are the average costs.

For the simple open bookcases made of MFC e.i. 2.4m tall by 2m wide the cost is about £1700. The same size made of 100% solid wood painted and fully boxed with tenon grooved backs (we are able to showcase all these options in our showroom) and traditional adjustable shelving system costs about £3500. Depending on your budget and requirements we can mix and match these options to provide a perfect mix specifically tailored to you.

Custom Furniture

In case you cant find a ready made small piece of furniture accommodating your needs we are happy to supply one made to measure.

Usually we can’t compete with single unit prices for stools, bed frames and various ready made items from other manufacturers, but if you request some custom items from us as part of a bigger order (usually an order of total value >£5000) we can heavily discount individual pieces and guarantee that you get exactly the items you want all in the matching style fit for your exact desired purpose.